DS Homebrew – Lode Runner Origine v1.0

Nintendo DS - Image 1Another cool addition makes it to your list of homebrew games for the DS. This one is Lode Runner Origine v1.0 from C_boy, a remake of Lode Runner created by Doug Smith that was released in 1983 on Apple II. Full details after the jump.

Download: Lode Runner Origine v1.0

Lode Runner Origine v1.0 - Image 1Lode Runner Origine v1.0 is a remake of Lode Runner created by Doug Smith and released in 1983 on Apple II. This version is from C_boy and made to fit your DS homebrew needs.

Here are the pertinent details you need to enjoy this game:


  • The pad for travel
  • the Y button and A digging left and right
  • and provisionally (time to complete the program), the L and R buttons to move to the next or preceding table, in case some of them would not be feasible.


  • Version 1.0 of V 7/11/08
  • 1st broadcast with the 20 tables 1st

Other Information:

  • The first version includes only the 20first paintings on the 150 scheduled

C_boy also said that he tried to set up an engine displacement of enemies that are similar from those in the original games. However, as he found out, doing so is impossible without cracking. He’ll therefore need your help to test the tables and check if they can be made feasible with this engine, and then edit accordingly.

If you can spare some time to help C_boy out with this project, then feel free to contact him via the link sourced below. In the meantime, do check out the game first and enjoy.

Download: Lode Runner Origine v1.0

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