Dungeon Runners update: New content in the next heave revealed

Dungeon Runners - Image 1It’s been a while since we last heard about NCsoft‘s Dungeon Runners, and now we get quite the update on upcoming content. From a gnome that automatically collects all your loot for you to a channel directly catered for the use of novices, this one is certainly the considerate – if not rather unsavory – update. All the details in the full article.

Dungeon Runners - Image 1 

Enjoying NCsoft‘s Dungeon Runners? Then you might want to take note of this update, which talks about what sort of game-changing content we should expect come the next Heave. From a a skill that summons a gnome that can, uh, poop out a mythic item to a channel that only novices can use, there’s definitely something for everyone here. Something for everyone indeed.

Now that we’ve just let slip a rather unsavory topic past you, let’s check out the content. First up is the Bling Gnome, a skill that comes exclusive to those who buy the retail box edition of Dungeon Runners. When equipped, it summons a little gangster gnome that picks up all your gold after an encounter.

You can also have it convert all your nearby loot (except Mythics) and convert it to gold as well – and whenever this happens, there’s a random chance that he’ll squeeze out a mythic item for you from his nethers. Yes, in that way. Let’s move on.

Another update is the reworked social window. The lists are now sortable, you can read more info about your friends in your friends’ list, and you can now see all the groups on your world. This then enables you to join any open group that is within your level range.

Next is the Noob Channel. No, it’s not some stretch of water that novices will have to swim across – it’s a channel that non-members below level 15 can only use for communication. This means that come the next heave, they can only use the Noob channel to communicate to the rest inside the world by using  /n or /noob. The World and Market Chat channels are off-limits to them until they hit the big 16.

Other than the items above, there’s a lot more to enjoy: new items, skills, quests and membership perks to entice the player to play harder and play longer. There’s also some convenient changes to be made with PVP matchmaking, so the competitive types will have something to be happy about.

Definitely a great list of updates for Dungeon Runners. Updates as we get them.

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