E3 debate: is Activision still eligible for Best of E3 award?

Report: ESA Squabbling with Game Critics Awards over E3 Eligibility - Image 1Question: are Activision‘s games still eligible for a “Best of E3” award even though the studio won’t be present at the floor show itself? That’s the dilemma the ESA and the Game Critics Awards are facing in the wake of Activision’s departure from the convention. Story in the full article.

Report: ESA Squabbling with Game Critics Awards over E3 Eligibility - Image 1 

In the wake of Activision’s departure from this year’s E3 convention, an argument broke out between the event’s host, the Entertainment Software Association (ESA), and the Game Critics Awards, the body that gives out the “Best of E3” awards every year.

The argument was sparked by one question: will Activision still be eligible for the “Best of E3” awards even they aren’t present at the floor show? The Game Critics Awards thinks so, but the ESA assumed otherwise. Rob Smith, co-chairman of the Awards, comments:

The Game Critics’ Awards wants to be able to recognize the most exciting games coming out this year, and the politics involved are not really a part of what we’re about. […] That all being said… we really don’t know what that means, because the game does have to be shown at E3, and nobody knows if they are.

It can be argued that Activision can’t get a “Best of E3” award since, after all, they’re not at E3, even if their games are. However, Geoff Keighley, another co-chair of the Awards, argues:

A precedent has been set that in the past, judges have voted on games that have been presented off the show floor at hotel suites and across the street from E3.

[…] It would be a shame for me if the best game of E3 didn’t win the Best of Show award because it was demoed across the street from the show floor. […] Our organization isn’t for profit, It’s a volunteer organization, a consortium of journalists, so we can be pure.

The decision on this matter will certainly affect future events, as well as the various other companies that have also declined to join this year’s E3, including Vivendi and NCsoft.

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