E3Expo Releases Agenda for 2006 Conference

The industry’s biggest conference has released it’s agenda for 2006. The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3Expo) conference and workshop is scheduled for May 9-11 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. The program highlights over 175 video game industry experts in the areas of business strategy, technology and creativity, and marketing analysis, the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) announced today.

Some topics to be discussed include: secrets of the best-selling titles; management of business risk; mobile game opportunities; the integration of entertainment; and new trends in game development.

See the full agenda below for more info, and be sure and check the E3 wesbite daily, as speakers are continuing to be added. We’re also excited to be bringing you our own coverage of E3 as QJ.NET sends its own delegation to the biggest electronics bash this year!
The 2006 Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) conference and workshop program will include more than 175 video game industry experts who will explore key industry issues in the areas of business strategy, technology and creativity, and marketing analysis, the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) announced today. The conference program will be held May 9-11 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

Conference tracks for 2006 – “Creativity and Technology: Taking Control of the Next Generation of Gameplay,” “Business Strategy: Embracing a New Set of Best Practices” and “Market Analysis: Understanding the New Digital Entertainment Landscape” – will examine a wide variety of critical subjects affecting the video game business. Topics will include: secrets of the best-selling titles; management of business risk; mobile game opportunities; the integration of entertainment; and new trends in game development. (Please see full list of sessions below.) In addition to conference sessions, E3Expo 2006 will offer a series of in-depth workshops and special midday sessions on Tuesday, May 9, which will provide attendees with a more in-depth look at key business issues.

Attendees can register for the conferences and workshops at www.e3expo.com, where daily schedules and additional conference program information are posted. Please note: E3Expo Conference Program alumni from 2004 and 2005 will receive a special discounted rate (a savings of more than $200) if registered by April 7, 2006. The following conference sessions will be held May 10 and 11 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. (Please note: check www.e3expo.com as speakers are being added daily.)


TRACK 1: Creativity and Technology: Taking Control of the Next Generation of Gameplay

  • The Inner Game: What Goes into the Industry’s Best-Selling Titles

Moderator: Eric Zimmerman, Co-Founder and CEO – gamelab Panelists: Louis Castle, Vice President, Creative Development – Electronic Arts – Los Angeles Kelly Flock, Executive Vice President of Worldwide Publishing – THQ, Inc. Julien Gerighty, Senior Producer – Ubisoft Entertainment (Splinter Cell Double Agent) Tetsuya Mizuguchi, Chief Creative Officer – Q Entertainment (Meteos, Lumines) Peter Molyneux, Managing Director – Lionhead Studios (The Movies) Richard Rouse, III, Director of Game Design – Midway Games (The Suffering)

  • Franchise Power: Understanding the DNA of the Industry’s Greatest Games
Moderator: Jeff Green, Editor-in-Chief, Computer Gaming World – Ziff Davis Panelists: Ed Boon, Creative Director – Midway Games (Mortal Kombat) Grant Collier, President – Infinity Ward (Call of Duty series) Soren Johnson, Designer and Programmer – Firaxis Games (Civilization IV) Hanno Lemke, General Manager – Electronic Arts, Vancouver (Need For Speed series) Yannis Mallat, Vice President of New Intellectual Property – Ubisoft Entertainment (Prince of Persia series)

  • Cracking the Code of Creativity: Drawing Novelty, Awe and Adventure from Traditional Genres

Moderator: N’Gai Croal, General Editor, Technology – Newsweek Panelists: Lucy Bradshaw, VP, Head of Production and Development – Maxis (Spore) Rob Kay, Lead Designer – Harmonix (Guitar Hero)

  • Massively Cross-Platform: Closing in on the Dream of One Game, Many Platforms

Moderator: Jessica Mulligan, Author/Consultant Panelists: Laura Fryer, Director Advance Technology Group – Microsoft Game Studies Richard Garriott, Executive Producer – NCsoft Ichiro Otobe, Chief Strategist – Square Enix Co., Ltd John Smedley, President -Sony Online Entertainment Mike Yuen, Senior Director, Gaming Group – QUALCOMM Internet Services

  • Perfecting the Mix of Story, Character Development and Interactivity

Moderator: Ian Davis, Ph.D., CEO and Founder – Mad Doc Software, LLC (Empire Earth 2) Panelists: David Cage, CEO and Founder – Quantic Dream (Indigo Prophecy) Richard Dansky, Lead Clancy Writer – Ubisoft Entertainment David Jaffe, Game Director – Sony Computer Entertainment America (God of War) Marc Laidlaw, Writer/Game Designer – Valve Software (Half-Life, Half-Life 2) Neil Young, Vice President, General Manager – Electronic Arts – Los Angeles

  • How Mobile Game Creators are Using High-Speed Networks and High-end Handsets to Make Wireless Games Better

Panelists: Eric Albert, Head of North American Operations – Gameloft Satoshi Nakajima, Chief Technology Officer – Square Enix Co., Ltd Robert Nashak, Chief Creative Officer – Glu Mobile Eberhard Schoneburg, Chief Executive Officer – Artificial Life (V-girl) Lincoln Wallen, Chief Technology Officer – Electronic Arts Mobile

  • Sneak Peeks: Behind the Scenes of Three Upcoming Blockbuster Titles

Moderator: Geoff Keighley, Contributing Writer – Business 2.0 Panelists: Cliff Bleszinski, Lead Designer – Epic Games (showing Gears of War) Other panelists to be announced shortly.

TRACK 2: Business Strategy: Navigating New Avenues of Success

  • Persistent World Possibilities: Taking the Online Experience to the Next Level

Moderator: Richard Vogel, consultant Panelists: Jeff Anderson, President and CEO – Turbine, Inc. John Blakely, Senior Producer – Sony Online Entertainment Mike Goslin, Vice President of Virtual Reality Studio – Walt Disney Internet Group (Pirates of the Caribbean) Joe Keene, Co-Chairman & CEO – Perpetual Entertainment (Gods & Heroes, Star Trek Online) Chris Lee, Senior Manager of Publishing, Strategy & Planning Group – Webzen, Inc.

  • When Media Giants Muscle In: Why the Game Industry Should Care about the Acquisition Appetite of News

Corp., Viacom and Others Moderator/Panelist: Gene Mauro, Owner – Mauro Media, LLC Panelists: Graham Hopper, Senior VP and General Manager, Buena Vista Games Ross Levinsohn, President – Fox Interactive Media Stuart Snyder, General Manager – Game Tap, Turner Gaming Jeff Yapp, Executive Vice President – MTV Networks Music and Logo Enterprise Group

  • Inside the Production Pipeline: Managing Costs, Expectations and Competition

Moderator: Emilie ‘Tobi’ Saulnier, Chief Executive Officer & Founder – 1st Playable Production Panelists: Andrew Ayre, Founding Partner & Co-President – Foundation 9 Entertainment Elizabeth Loverso, Director of Product Development – Ubisoft Entertainment Samantha Ryan, Chief Executive Officer – Monolith Productions

  • The Next Frontier in Funding: How Hedge Funds, Foreign Money and Non-traditional Financing are Creating Opportunity for Gamemakers

Moderator: Michael Gartenberg, Vice President and Research Director – Jupiter Research Panelists: Craig Cooper, General Partner – Softbank Capital Partners Andrew Goldman, CEO, Director of Production – Pandemic Studios Daniel James, Chief Executive Officer – Three Rings Design, Inc. Mark Kern, President and CEO, Red 5 Studios Michael Pole, CEO – Trilogy Studios

  • Casual Game World Tour: Learning from the Best that Asia and Europe Have to Offer

Panelists: David Moon, Head of Games Business Group – NHN USA Timo Soininen, CEO – Sulake Labs (Habbo Hotel) Calvin Yoo, Director, International Business Development – Nexon Corporation (Kart Rider)

  • In-game and Around-game Ad Update: The Marketer’s Perspective

Moderator: Dave Madden, Executive VP Sales & Marketing – WildTangent, Inc. Panelists: Carol Kruse, Vice President Interactive Marketing – Coca Cola Monika Madrid, Senior Manager, Strategic Sales & Partnerships – Ubisoft Entertainment David Rubin, Brand Development Director – Unilever (Axe)

  • Future Shock or Smooth Sailing Ahead: How Game Industry Leaders are Managing Risk

Panelists: Lee Jacobsen, Vice President of Business – Midway Games Dan Kelly, Vice President of Global Business Development – THQ, Inc. Jon Niermann, Senior VP and Managing Director Asia Publishing – Electronic Arts

TRACK 3: Marketing Analysis: How to Read the Market Ahead of the Competition

  • Startup Strategies: Where Opportunities Still Exist

Moderator: Jason Della Rocca, Program Director – International Game Developers Association Panelists: Erik Bethke, CEO and Founder – Go Pets (Go Pets) Michael Scandizzo, President – Castaway Entertainment Warren Spector, President – Junction Point Studios, Inc. Gordon Walton, consultant

  • Reaching the Connected Consumer: Tapping Their Personal Networks and Power of Persuasion

Panelists: Kathleen Gasperini, Senior Vice President – Label Networks Jillian Goldberg, Vice President Marketing – Electronic Arts Bill Stone, Chief Operating Officer, Amp’d Mobile

  • Entertainment Business Summit: Where the Increased Integration of Music, Movies, TV and Games is Headed

Panelists: Mark Caplan, Executive Director Interactive – Sony Pictures Consumer Products Emily Della Maggiora, Vice President – Nielsen Interactive Entertainment Nick Earl, Vice President and General Manager – Electronic Arts Bill Kispert, Vice President of Interactive – Universal Studios

  • Profiting from Innovative Online Communities

Panelists: Greg Canessa, Group Manager, Xbox Live Arcade – Microsoft Corporation Michael Cassidy, CEO and Founder – XFire, Inc. Chip Lange, Vice President, Marketing EA Online – Electronic Arts Cory Ondrejka, Vice President of Product Development – Linden Lab (Second Life)

  • World View: Analysts Take Measure of the Global Marketplace

Moderator: Michael Pachter, Senior Analyst – Wedbush Morgan Securities Panelists: Anita Frazier, Entertainment Industry Analyst – The NPD Group (USA) Ben Keen, Chief Analyst – Screen Digest (UK) Antonio Tambunan, Associate Director, Head of Asia – Bear Steams Asia (Korea, China)

  • The Wireless Revolution: Where to Seize Opportunity in the New Mobile Game Marketplace

Moderator: Eric Goldberg, Managing Director – Crossover Technologie Panelists: Eric Bilange, Chief Technology Officer – MFORMA Minard Hamilton, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing – JAMDAT Mobile, Inc. Paul Maglione, President – Vivendi Universal Games Mobile Alan Welsman, VP of European Product Management and Marketing – InfoSpace Midori Yuasa, General Manager and Senior Vice President – Capcom Mobile & Interactive Media

  • The New Gamemaker: Trends in Game Making and Publishing

Moderator: Ben Sawyer, Co-founder – Digitalmill Panelists: Amy Bendotti, Senior Recruiter – Monolith Productions Sarah Branscom, Manager of Human Resources – High Moon Studios Alan Yu, Director, Studio Artist & Repertoire – Electronic Arts – Los Angeles

In addition to conference sessions, twelve in-depth workshops will be offered on May 9, including:


  • Partnering with Madison Avenue: How to Profit from the Prominence of Games

Moderator: Michael Goodman, Senior Analyst, Media & Entertainment Strategies – Yankee Group Panelists: Craig Allen, Chief Executive Officer – Spark Unlimited (Call of Duty: Finest Hour) Kevin Browne, General Manager, New Media & Franchise Development, Xbox Live – Microsoft Corporation Arden Doss, Managing Director – Propaganda GEM Louis Figueroa, Director of Business Development – Sony Online Entertainment Julie Shumaker, Director of Videogame Advertising – Electronic Arts

  • Casual Games Update: How New Business Models are Accelerating the Growth of Today’s Game Marketplace

Moderator: John Welch, President and CEO – PlayFirst, Inc. Panelists: Mike Burns, CEO and Chief Creative Officer – Fuel Industries James Gwertzman, Director of Business Development – PopCap Games James Smith, Producer – Reflexive Entertainment Alex St. John, Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder – WildTangent, Inc. Dave Williams, CMO and General Manager, Games – Atom Entertainment

  • New Rules in Play: Deciphering the Modern-Day Game Deal

Moderator: Joshua Grode, Partner – Liner Yankelevitz Sunshine & Regenstreif LLP Panelists: Carianne Brown, Director of Motion Picture and Television Music – Universal Music Publishing Germaine Gioia-Horner, Vice President of Licensing – THQ Inc. Patrick O’Brien, Vice President Business Affairs – Electronic Arts Tim Riley, Worldwide Executive of Music – Activision, Inc.

  • Next-Gen Game Design: How the New Consoles Stack Up

Moderator: Trent Ward, Creative Director – Backbone Entertainment Panelists: Mario Coculuzzi, Senior Producer – Ubisoft Studios – Montreal (King Kong) Don Daglow, President and CEO – Stormfront Studios Mike Kulas, President and Founder – Volition (Saints Row) Alain Tascan, Vice President and General Manager – Electronic Arts – Montreal

  • Where Games Fit into the New Digital Economy

Moderator: Richard Ow, Director, Games – The NPD Group Panelists: Shawn Hardin, Vice President, Content Operations – Yahoo! Media Group Jennifer MacLean, Senior Director, Games and Entertainment – Comcast Steve Schnur, Worldwide Executive of Music and Audio – Electronic Arts TRAX Rich Wickham, Director, Windows Gaming Business – Microsoft

  • Games Get Up and Go: Getting the Most out of PSP, DS and Upcoming Mobile Handsets

Moderator: Matthew Bellows, General Manager & Vice President – Floodgate Entertainment Panelists: Guha Bala, President – Vicarious Visions, Inc. Greg Ballard, President and Chief Executive Officer – Glu Mobile Yuanzhe (Michael) Cai, Director, Broadband & Gaming – Parks Associates Tim Harrison, Head of Games – Vodafone Group Services John Koller, Senior Product Manager, PSP – Sony Online Entertainment America

  • Blueprint for a Killer Title: How the Pros Do It

Moderator/Panelist: Aaron Loeb, Director of Business Development – Planet Moon Studios Panelists: Karthik Bala, Chief Executive Officer – Vicarious Visions, Inc. Matt Firor, Vice President of Development, Executive Producer, Mythic Entertainment Greg Zeschuk, Joint CEO – BioWare, Corporation Gonzague de Vallois, Vice President Publishing – Gameloft

  • Digital Distribution Lays Down Tracks: Where Direct-to-Consumer Game Distribution Stands Today

Moderator: Gabe Zichermann, Chief Marketing/Strategy Officer – Boonty, Inc. Panelists: Eric Hartness, Senior Director of Marketing – EA Nation – Electronic Arts Ray Muzyka, Joint CEO – BioWare, Corporation Royal O’Brien, Founder/CEO – Game xStream Yoav Tzurya, Chief Operating Officer – Exent Technologies

  • Special Midday Sessions

Participating in one of three lunchtime sessions is Will Wright, Maxis chief designer and creator of The Sims series of games and the upcoming Spore.

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