EA Mythic gives Warhammer Online closed beta update

Warhammer Online - Image 1EA Mythic‘s Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning is going along fine, as far as pre-orders are concerned. After selling out in Germany, it can now be pre-ordered in Canada. But how about the MMORPG and its closed beta? How far along is it now? In a Massively interview, the EA Mythic developers update us. More after the jump.

Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning - Image 1

By now we know that the pre-orders for the upcoming MMORPG title Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning is turning out good by extending to Canada and selling out in Germany. But more importantly, we all want to know how the game is turning out now. In a Massively interview, the developers from EA Mythic gives us an update.

If you’re worried about any delays, rest assured that WAR remains pegged at a Fall 2008 timetable. It is still undergoing closed beta, with particular attention given to high level RvR (realm versus realm) campaign and its culmination in city sieges, Empire vs Chaos content, Altdorf and the Inevitable City.

Cooperative gameplay is also being paid attention to with the devs’ focus on its social aspect. Players are encouraged to join guilds and alliances because of its heavy-tools support. As for endgame content, everybody will have access to it and not just the elite top 10% of the population. But more or less you do need to be skillful to stay that long.

We hope you remember our coverage on Warhammer Online‘s renown system in a past article. Now, the devs want us to know that although levelling is quick, renown levelling is of a different pace altogether. You will spend more time to kill people and capture keeps in order to reap the huge renown rewards.

If you don’t feel like killing people though, the devs assure us that there will be 300 public quests for the PvE (player versus environment) experience to sustain that feeling of war.

For more of the interview with EA Mythic’s team of Adam Gershowitz (Combat and Careers lead), Josh Drescher (Associate Producer), Paul Barnett, Jeff Hickman (Senior Producer), and Destin Bales (Content Director), head over the via link.

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