Echochrome PS3 to have endless supply of free user-created DLC

Relativity Maurits Escher - Image 1Here’s something that PS3 owners can be contented about. According to Sony, those who got the PS3 version of Echochrome (PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable) will have seemingly endless supply of free downloadable content, thanks to the option of uploading custom levels for others to tackle. Read more about this good news in the full article.

Sony Echochrome - Image 1If one of your short-term goals is to beat Sony‘s Echochrome (Sony PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable) – and we mean solve all puzzles found within the game – then you may want to classify that goal into a long-term one if you’re playing the PS3 version of the game.

Since it’s possible to upload or send custom levels to the game’s developers, Echochrome will have an endless stream of new content and puzzles to tackle…free of charge.

According to Echochrome‘s Associate Producer Kumi Yuasa, those who play the Sony PS3 version of Echochrome will be regularly updated with user-created levels, which will be playable until the next batch of new levels goes live. These levels will also be selectable in freeform mode.

Interested in creating your own levels? Just select Canvas mode, and when you’re done, you can choose to send your mind-boggling masterpiece to a friend, or to the game developers for assessment. If they like your creation, they’ll put up your level for others to download.

If you need a boost in making your best Echochrome level ever, you can head on to the Via link to check out Yuasa’s basic guide on how to create custom levels.

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