Eliminated v1.0

Eliminated - Image 1Want more of Emeric0101‘s space shooter homebrew game for the Sony PlayStation Portable, but without the bugs and glitches? Then get ready to fire up those itchy trigger fingers as the homebrew developer from France has recently released an updated build of Eliminated, this time with all the bugs taken care of (as well as a few neat bonuses). Awesome!

The details and download link are available at the full article.

Eliminated v1.0 - Image 1

For those of us who enjoyed Emeric0101‘s beta release of his nifty homebrew game for the Sony PlayStation Portable, Eliminated, then you’ll be glad to know that the bug-free final version is now available for download. That’s right, it’s the addictive top-down shooter in space which can now be played on your Sony PSP without the quirky glitches we found in the first build.

Emeric0101 unfortunately did not specify just what kind of bugs have been fixed, but he does say that the overall flow of the game has been improved, and joystick support has been added.

Download: Eliminated v1.0

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