Enhanced Final Fantasy IV for the DS chock full of features

Final Fantasy 4 to come to the Nintendo DS - Image 1In light of the Final Fantasy series’ 20th anniversary, the enhanced remake of Final Fantasy IV for the Nintendo DS is nearing completion and is scheduled for release in Japan by December 20. Published by Matrix Software, the same team responsible for Final Fantasy III, fans of the popular franchise are in for a treat with news about the games’ numerous new features. For more details about these features, read on after the jump.

Final Fantasy 4 by Matrix Software for the Nintendo DS - Image 1

First released in the 90’s by Square (now known as Square Enix) for the SNES platform, Final Fantasy IV will have an enhanced remake of the game released on the 20th of this month for the Nintendo DS, chock full of spankin’ new features for the gamers to enjoy.

Below is a list conveniently provided by the LiveJournal community, Final Fantasy Compilations, to give you the skinny on what the enhanced Final Fantasy IV has to offer.

  • Voice Mode –The enhanced version of the game will have the option to turn off the characters voice overs when ever you wish during times you’d like a little peace and quiet.
  • Event Skip – If you press the start button during an event or cut scene, a text question will  appear, asking if you’d opt to skip that particular scene. If you wish to, just press the start button again to be able to skip it.
  • Event Theater- If you’d like to gloat over your past victories through out the game in between gaming, any event that has occurred while you were playing you’d like to view again can be accessed here.
  • Mini Games-To avoid experiencing burn-out, their are various mini-games to chose from if ever you’d like to take a break from your quest.
  • Hidden Character-Yes, there is a hidden character in the game which you can unlock after you’ve earned it through records you can set by playing the mini games.
  • Wireless Versus Mode-Once you’ve acquired the hidden character, you can you it to play against friends on line to either make your hidden character stronger or to use it during high speed challenges. Too bad this isn’t accessible through WiFi.
  • Setting Your Abilities-The character swapping has been replaced by the new inheritance system.Through this, you can custom set your own battle commands and even enable quick access for spells and items.

The game which is currently being developed by Matrix Software is part of the campaign for the Final Fantasy series 20th anniversary. Japanese fans of the franchise will be glad to hear that the game will be made available to them on the 20th this month. No news yet for when it’ll be made available elsewhere. So, keep it here with yours truly for updates on the game.

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