Europe PS Store: Timeshift MP Demo, Warhawk expansion, more

PlayStation Network Europe update - Image 1Europe‘s PlayStation Store got some new downloadables, including the Timeshift multiplayer demo. Another biggie in this update is Warhawk‘s Operation: Omega Dawn expansion pack. Except for the two new games and the Warhawk update, everything else are freebies. Check out the the full article for the full list of updates.

PlayStation 3 - Image 1 

Europe‘s PlayStation Store got some new downloadables, including the Timeshift Multiplayer Demo. Two new games are also available: Toy Home and Populous: The Beginning. Also included in this update is Warhawks expansion pack, Operation: Omega Dawn.

As Sony has hinted before, Operation: Omega Dawn has arrived just before Christmas. Also in this update are loads of freebies, including Grand Theft Auto 4‘s newest trailer and a track update for Guitar Hero 3: Legends of Rock.


  • Toy Home: GBP 4.99 (US$ 10)
  • Populous: The Beginning: GBP 3.49 (US$ 7)


  • Timeshift MP Demo: Free


  • Guitar Heroes 3 – Boss battle track pack: Free
  • MotorStorm Holiday Paint Job: Free
  • Warhawk’s Operation: Omega Dawn: GBP 3.99 (US$ 8)


  • DMC4 TGS: Free
  • Environment Sizzler Video #3: Canyon: Free
  • Environment Sizzler Video #2: Arctic: Free
  • Kane & Lynch Fragile Alliance – Walk in the Park Trailer: Free
  • Kane & Lynch TV AD: Free
  • Kane & Lynch: Dead Men – Fragile Alliance & Co-op: Free
  • Kane & Lynch: Dead Men – Insider Video 1: Free
  • Kane & Lynch: Dead Men – Insider Video 2: Free
  • MGS4 TGS 2007 Trailer: Free
  • AssassinÂ’s Creed TV Spot: Free
  • Sky Diving: Free
  • GTA IV Trailer 3 Move up ladies: Free


  • High Stakes on the Vegas strip: Poker: Free
  • Uncharted Forum Prize Winner: Free
  • Pain – Jervis Bowler: Free
  • Pain – Jervis Rapper: Free
  • Pain – Jervis Vs Cow: Free
  • Pain – Wallmime: Free


  • Retro: Free
  • Nature: Free
  • Manga: Free
  • Pixels: Free

Theatrical Movie Trailer

  • CJ7: Free

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