European 80GB PS3 confirmed?

Sony PlayStation 3 - Image 1Newsletter HD World reports that information specialist and consulting company Understanding & Solutions released its predictions for HD DVD and Blu-ray in Europe. Part of the forecast is yet-to-be-launched European 80GB PS3’s price drop to just over US$ 500. Find out what we’re talking about by heading over to the full article.

Sony PlayStation 3 - Image 1A newsletter backed by Sony reportedly revealed that 80GB PlayStation 3 models are coming to Europe. According to newsletter HD World which is supported by Sony, there’s a “yet-to-be-launched European 80GB PS3.”

HD World, known to promote Sony’s Blu-ray format, sent out what was supposed to forecast the Blu-ray’s bright future in Europe. Apparently, information specialist and consulting company Understanding & Solutions predicts HD DVD and Blu-ray players will cost $275 and $475 respectively in Europe by 2008.

What took our interest, of course, is the mention of the 80GB PS3 after that. The said company believes the “yet-to-be-launched European 80GB PS3” will go for around US$ 500 in late 2008.

Sony Europe was asked for comment and a spokesperson replied:

The HD World newsletter is written by external sources, and the report quoted is from independent analysts. There is absolutely no 80GB version of the PS3 planned for Europe in 2008.

Back in July, Sony did say the 80GB model won’t be coming to Europe. It has been four months since North America was able to avail of the consoles with bigger capacity, and South Korea got it even earlier. Looks like time will tell if Europe will get the same package.

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