EVE Online gets its first Quarterly Economic Newsletter

EVE Online gets its first Quarterly Economic Newsletter - Image 1 Wondering where’s a good place to invest your hard-earned ISKs lately? CCP games is sending out word that they’ve just published EVE Online‘s very first quarterly economic newsletter (QEN), which will give players a lowdown of the MMORPG’s current money trends. On a side note, given that this is reportedly among the very first economic reports ever published for an MMORPG, the developers are welcoming any suggestions you’ve got. Further details regarding this QEN are available in the full article.

EVE Online gets its first quarterly economic newsletter - Image 1Money, as the saying goes, makes the world go round. Especially if you happen to be among EVE Online‘s more enterprising denizens.

In case you’re wondering how the MMORPG’s been faring form an economic standpoint, we’re letting you know that CCP Games has just released EVE Online‘s very first Quarterly Economic Newsletter.

This pdf file should give the gamers an idea of how the ISK’s been flowing through the game universe for the past few months. And this being a first newsletter, you’ll also be treated to a rundown of how EVE Online‘s economy  works – newcomers may consider this a sort of tutorial. The file is available via the official Eve Online site, via the source link below. On a last note, the developers are also looking forward to player discussions regarding this new QEN via the official forums.

Via EVE Online official site

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