EVE Online’s 5th Alliance Tournament kicking off February 29

EVE Online's 5th Alliance Tournament kicking off Feb 29 - Image 1Marshal the fleet, commanders. CCP has just announced that the 5th Alliance Tournament in EVE Online will begin by the next weekend. Faction combat ships better be rolling out shipyards by the dozens, because this won’t be a cakewalk. Turrets will swerve, guns will overheat, decks will be breached, and glorious space faring vessels will be reduced to empty, lifeless metal carcasses – all in the name of glory and…unknown prizes? More at the full story.

EVE Online's 5th Alliance Tournament kicking off Feb 29 - Image 1 

The press wire’s just buzzed with news that Iceland-based CCP has officially announced the coming of the 5th Alliance Tournament in EVE Online, and amassed task force battlegroups are bound to engage starting next weekend – February 29, 2008, Friday. Though prizes are unknown even as far as today, players have actively worked through this year’s rules, and CCP made appropriate adjustments to work out last year’s quirks.

But as early as January, competitor slots have already been filled to the brim, and competition aspirants active in EVE Online will have to settle for being a reserve if they’re to sign up. CCP has scheduled 16 matches per day, designed as a multi-stage championship, spread throughout both weekends (the last being on March 7, 2008) and they are lined up for EVETV coverage.

An early look into the lineup shows a lot of Homeworlder groups vying for fame and glory within the Alliance PVP Championship. If you recognize a pal or former acquaintances prepped to run the gauntlet, now would be a good time to show your support. More on this as developments ensue.

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