EverQuest 2 Treasure Chest update: guild halls, housing market, tradeskills

EverQuest II update: the Treasure Chest - Image 1To those who have been active players of SOE‘s EverQuest 2, chances are you might have forgotten or missed interesting things posted in the game’s forum.

To resolve this issue, the Treasure Chest feature has been updated. If you’re curious to know about these, then head on over to the full article.

EverQuest 2 update: the Treasure Chest - Image 1It’s no doubt that players who are active in SOE‘s MMORPG EverQuest 2 want to share their thoughts, ideas, and sometimes feelings in the game’s forum.

Since there’s new information everyday, chances are you might miss out on some of the juicy stuff.

In order for players not to miss anything of interest or importance, the Treasure Chest feature of the game has really been updated with the following:

  • The housing market
  • Tradeskills
  • Epics
  • Lore: Orthiss and Kirkata: A Sarnak love story told among the Di’Zok
  • Unofficial Guild Halls
  • Gnomish Bachelor’s Pad

Now, these are something that are really going to help the gaming community of EverQuest 2 grow to new heights. Don’t forget to come back often to our site now as we will keep you guys posted on the latest developments happening in the game.

To know the details about the above mentioned, just follow the source link below.

Via Ever Quest 2 Official Website

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