Extreme convenience: iPhone-controlled watering can

iPhone - Image 1For those of us who can’t seem to find enough time to water our plants, here’s an alternative: the iPhone-controlled robotic watering can, a gadget that will moisturize any plants you may have with a simple tilt of your next-gen communication device. Truly, technology does make life easier, and the menial tasks just a bit more effortless. The video and the details in the full article, so prepare to welcome our soon-to-be iPhone overlords.

Today, life can be pretty hectic, and it’s thanks to technology that we get around to doing at least half of our daily routines without falling over in exhaustion. And in this gadget news update involving the Apple iPhone, it seems that you can now finally tend to your garden while being on the move, thanks to some Javascript trickery.

So, just how this particular oddity work? Well, the watering can itself is robot-operated, with the tilting function directly tied to the iPhone’s tilt-sensing feature. When Safari’s screen state goes from horizontal to vertical, it sends a status update to a web server via javascript that moves the watering can up and down. Very nifty. What’s next, though – remote surgery with the iPhone? It’s possible, albeit scary. Updates as we get them.

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