Failing Rock Band guitar controllers rampant, replacements ready

Rock Band logo - Image 1More owners of MTV Games and HarmonixRock Band (Microsoft Xbox 360, Sony PlayStation 3) have been complaining about failing guitar controllers. Some say the Stratocaster fails to register downstrums after hours of use, others suffer from doubling strums, while a few of the guitars are broken out of the box. Distributor Electronic Arts points at Rock Band‘s warranty site if problems persist.

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Rock Band Stratocaster - Image 1Hardware failures that early adapters of MTV Games and HarmonixRock Band (Microsoft Xbox 360, Sony PlayStation 3) experienced after purchasing the game and its peripherals prior to actual launch date apparently extend to those who recently grabbed their music fix.

Complaints have been piling up at Rock Band‘s community forums about the bundled Fender Stratocaster guitar controllers failing to register downstrums or causing unintentional double strums. In most cases, the Stratocaster starts failing after hours of play. Others claim the guitar is broken out of the box, while some discovered that problems disappear by resting the instrument after use.

When the issue of defective guitars first surfaced, it was believed that Harmonix intentionally rigged the guitars to punish retailers that break the street date, and a patch will be released at launch. However, the official response from distributor Electronic Arts this time is different.

According to an official reply, Rock Band owners are advised to unplug and reconnect their instruments then restart the game when problems arise. If the procedure fails, Rock Band‘s warranty site has everything you need to know from proper instrument setup to sending the peripherals back for replacement.

No patch has been mentioned, though some complainants believe the failures are software related. Or at least, the rockers who have failing guitar controllers are hoping they can get the gig back on with a quick patch fix.

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