Far Cry movie trailer video

Uwe Boll - Image 1Looking for a game-to-movie adaptation to watch this Spring? Then look no more as it seems that Uwe Boll‘s take on Crytek‘s Far Cry is heading our way, and it certainly looks to be the interesting flick. With gunplay, explosions, and some tongue-in-cheek humor, this might catch your fancy. Check out the trailer of the movie in the full article.

It’s been a while since we last heard about Uwe Boll and his upcoming movie adaptation of Crytek‘s Far Cry. Now, it seems that the movie is pretty much well on its way into theaters, as we get a look at Jack’s adventures on celluloid via its latest trailer video. Awesome? Well, find out via the embed below.

Looking at the video, however, it seems that Uwe’s gotten the atmosphere and look of Far Cry just right, with a lot of the scenes taking place in an island-like environment as well as a sterile laboratory-ish compound. The actors play their roles and say their lines with conviction, and it’s hard not to be impressed at the effort given in the gunplay and explosion sequences.

They even recreated the scene where Jack Carver’s boat gets blown up, although it’s a bit different on how it actually happened in-game.

Enjoy the video!

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