Fate/Tiger Colosseum sequel announced, official website open for viewing

Saber and Archer battle in the original Fate Tiger Colosseum - Image 1There’s something about Fate/Stay Night that makes you want to play as your favorite chibified servant in the Holy Grail War and duke it out with others. Fortunately, Cavia and TYPE-MOON are working on a sequel to Fate/Tiger Colosseum entitled Fate/Tiger Colosseum Upper. More PSP chibi goodness ensues in the full article after the jump.

Kotomine and Avenger in Fate Tiger Colosseum Upper - Image 1 

If you weren’t able to get enough chibi goodness out of the original Fate/Tiger Colosseum, worry not. Developers Cavia and TYPE-MOON are working on a sequel to the game entitled Fate/Tiger Colosseum Upper.

Cavia’s and TYPE-MOON’s sequel will reportedly feature a new system, a new story, new characters and an ad hoc multiplayer option. In order to whet your appetites for more, Capcom has put up the official website for Fate/Tiger Colosseum Upper. While it’s in Japanese, it does reveal quite a bit of eye candy related to the game.

Of particular note are the screenshots of chibi Saber, Rin and Sakura duking it out while dressed in their swimsuit attire. In one screenshot, Saber even sports a lion suit and arms herself with a leg of mutton while seemingly executing a special move.

It’s better if you see it for yourselves, though, so check out the visuals of Cavia’s and TYPE-MOON’s Fate/Tiger Colosseum Upper in Capcom’s official website, courtesy of the source link below.

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