Fibonacci Calculator v0.2 – new interface, reorganized code and more

Italian mathematician Leonardo Fibonacci - Image 1Does the name Leonardo of Pisa ring a bell? If his name doesn’t sound familiar, then perhaps you’re more acquainted with the sequence of numbers that was named after him, as well as the latest version of the PSP homebrew application that developer maxthebest has designed to calculate it: Fibonacci Calculator v0.2. More mathematics follows in the full article, right after the jump.

Download: Fibonacci Calculator v0.2

Fibonacci done on your PSP - Image 1If you remember, we covered an interesting PSP homebrew application last December called the Fibonacci Calculator – a program that basically allowed you to generate the Fibonacci number. The creator of the program, maxthebest, has updated the program since then and has released the Fibonacci Calculator v0.2 for Sony‘s portable game machine.

Here is a list of the following changes in the latest version of the Fibonacci calculator, according to maxthebest:

  • Added a nice interface
  • Reorganized the code
  • Now it does not crash when computing more than 48 numbers 
  • Limit of number you can calculate is now 95 (it seems to be the long long unsigned limit.)

If you wish to install the Fibonacci Calculator application onto your PSP and use it, maxthebest has a some simple instructions for you: first, extract the ZIP to Memory Stick Root. Afterward, choose the number of Fibonacci numbers you want to compute and press cross. The Fibonacci number will be saved in a text file named “ms0:/fibonacci.txt” or “ms0:/fibo.txt.”

Download: Fibonacci Calculator v0.2

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