FIFA Street 3 details on reinventing the series

Logo of Electronic Arts' FIFA Street series - Image 1So what exactly makes FIFA Street 3 (Xbox 360, PS3, and DS) different from your run of the mill soccer video game? Developer and publisher of the game Electronic Arts explains the innovative style which makes the latest game in the Street franchise such an addicting and unique game with its arcade style gameplay and off-the-wall moves you’re not likely to see in a regular football match.

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Screenshot of Electronic Arts' FIFA Street 3 - Image 1Simply put, Electronic ArtsFIFA Street 3 takes the realism out of soccer and adds a unique spin to it with its arcade style extreme football action. The third iteration to the FIFA Street series takes a look at some of the biggest stars in the sport and merges them with exotic locales and a wicked soundtrack to play the game with.

The series takes off from the company’s Street brand name of video games, which features the definitive arcade-like game play with its simple button configuration combined with off-the-wall moves you’re not likely to see in a real soccer match. Joe Nickolls, producer on the project, explains the charm which FIFA Street 3 is designed to draw in its audience:

We have completely re-invented the FIFA Street franchise by turning the gameÂ’s biggest stars into action heroes using art direction that makes you look twice. The power of the Next Generation hardware gives us the horsepower to break new ground for consumers, making it the perfect stage to enjoy a multi-player, sports action arcade experience. Casual gamers and sports fans can expect a simplified control system that makes it easier to perform spectacular moves and enjoy the game with friends, yet still be a challenging experience for more seasoned gamers.

With the demo for the game already out, players have already gotten a taste of the hardcore soccer action the game has to offer. FIFA Street 3 is scheduled to be released this Spring for the Xbox 360, PS3, and DS.

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