Final Fantasy IV character videos: of Cecil, Kain, Rosa

Final Fantasy IV logo - Image 1Final Fantasy IV‘s revival on the Nintendo DS is just around the corner for gamers in Japan, but for everyone else, we have to make do with these teasers that show some of the classic RPG’s main characters. Cecil, Kain, and Rosa are back in full bite-size 3D glory with voices on Nintendo’s handheld. Want to see tidbits of them in action? Head over to the full article.

Make no mistakes: Square Enixdecision to remake Final Fantasy IV on the Nintendo DS is no small time. After looking at these Japanese videos, it’s almost safe to say that the classic RPG revolving around the exploits of Dark Knight Cecil and his not-so-jolly party is going to get the justice it deserves.

Kain, Rosa, and Cecil are featured in glorious 3D with full voices. Putting eye-candy aside, voice acting is topnotch even if the audio quality gives that 80s movie feel. Without a doubt, fans of FFIV during its first outing will quickly appreciate how Squeenix revitalized the game in a 3D world while keeping character design faithful to the original sprites.

Unfortunately, these are mere snippets that barely last more than 20 seconds each. Of course, we still left them embedded below for your viewing pleasure. The game should appear on Japanese shelves this December 20.

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