Final Fantasy IV set for European release this summer

Final Fantasy 4 - Image 1We’ve waited long enough, but it’s time to cast away those doubts. It’s now official: Square Enix is bringing the Final Fantasy IV remake on the Nintendo DS to Europe with all the new features and voice acting intact. Find details at the full article.

Final Fantasy 4 screenshot - Image 1Since its release in Japan last December, Final Fantasy IV will finally ship west. Square Enix has announced that the classic RPG’s remake on the Nintendo DS is ready to hit PAL territories this summer.

For those who somehow weren’t able to catch this gem on their radars, Final Fantasy IV is a full-blown remake which puts the DS hardware to good use with 3D visuals and enhanced audio. For the first time, we’ll also get to hear the dark night Cecil and his crew.

In case you missed this piece of news a few days ago, Square Enix also revealed Final Fantasy IV will make its way to North American shores this July 22. Even if you think you’ve played everything the SNES original had to offer, the remake is difficult to miss with its additional episodes that take character development further, and improved gameplay due to stylus controls.

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