Final Fantasy VII story may not be final yet, no remake in the near future

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII - Image 1Now that Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII successfully made its way to Sony PlayStation Portable owners, it’s difficult to tell if Square Enix would milk the classic Final Fantasy VII further. Looks like another spin-off is not a farfetched idea, and we might even actually get a remake. Take it from the Squeenix producers themselves – details are at the full article.

They sure look like they want that remake - Image 1

In a rather lengthy interview, Square Enix producers who crafted Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII had an interesting discussion now that they’re able to just sit back and watch how fans react to a classic RPG’s prequel on the Sony PlayStation Portable. What really caught our attention is the possibility of having another Final Fantasy VII title, which could easily be the remake we’ve all been clamoring for.

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII executive producer Yoshinori Kitase and Producer Hideki Imaizumi sat down to talk about what went into developing the game.

When asked how the prequel joined Squeenix’ pipeline years after its successor was launched, Imaizumi explained that Zack was important enough to deserve his share of the spotlight. “Nobody knows anything about him, so we felt there was a lot of potential there for storytelling – to flesh out his story,” he said.

Here’s the juicy part: Crisis Core could’ve been a full-blown next-gen offering on the PlayStation 3. Unfortunately, Sony’s powerful machine wasn’t available yet when Imaizumi and the crew decided to create a prequel, so they opted for the other new platform.

It would have been easy to bring the game to the PS2, said Imaizumi, before citing the excitement of working on a new platform instead of “doing the same thing that weÂ’ve done for years and years” as main reason why they went PSP.

On the other hand, Kitase’s reply to the same question was that he yearned for the degree of completion and satisfaction by leading Final Fantasy VII‘s story to a full circle. The rest of what he said could only get us on our toes.

“Whether [Crisis Core] is the final product in the series IÂ’d rather not say yet. IÂ’d rather leave windows of opportunity open,” Kitase teased. He also looked into the what’s necessary for that FFVII remake, saying:

In order for a remake to work… the core members of the original team need to come together to work on it. This would include myself; Mr Nomura, the character designer; Mr Naora, the Art DirectorÂ… all these people would have to work on it together for it to really work.

However, this reunion may not happen soon. The core members, according to Kitase, are currently busy with bigger projects such as Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy Versus XIII. There’s a fat chance the wait to see these titles on shelves won’t belong, as “a lot of these projects are going to take a while.”

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