Flagship Studios says grace period for Hellgate: London beta almost up

Avalon without her helmet in Hellgate London - Image 1Grace periods, by their very nature, don’t last forever. That’s probably why Ivan Sulic of Flagship Studios took the time to remind all Hellgate: London beta players that the grace period will end on November 13. By the following day, Flagship Studios will require something from all Hellgate: London players if the latter wish to continue playing the game. Fortunately, Mr. Sulic has also told players exactly what they need to do…

Want to find out how to keep playing after the grace period ends? Find out after the jump!

A female Templar from Hellgate London in full battle regalia  - Image 1 

Ivan Sulic, writer for Flagship Studios and Hellgate: London, recently posted an important reminder for all you Hellgate: London beta players out there: the grace period for the beta is nearly up. What Mr. Sulic means is that players who have been playing the Hellgate: London beta without entering a retail registration key will now have to acquire one if they wish to keep playing.

According to Mr. Ivan Sulic, Flagship Studios will require all players to have a registration code by Wednesday, November 14. Nevertheless, the process is simple: all players have to do is to purchase a copy of Hellgate: London, log into their account, and enter the game’s retail registration key into the registration key field on their account management page.

Mr. Sulic also said that there is no need for beta players to make a new Hellgate: London, nor is there a need for them to subscribe to the game in order to keep playing (though they will definitely miss out on all the extra goodies reserved for subscribers only). He also encouraged Hellgate: London players to join Flagship Studios in testing out future patches of the game once those patches are promoted to the Test Center servers.

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