flOw PSP, new PSP theme on Japanese PlayStation Store

PSP - Image 1The Japanese PlayStation Store has just been updated with a couple of new goodies for PSP owners: the PSP version of the wonderfully relaxing and hypnotic flOw and a new theme. More in the full article.

New stuff on Japanese PlayStation Store - Image 1 New stuff on Japanese PlayStation Store - Image 2

SuperVillain’s PSP version of Jenova Chen and Nicholas Clark‘s ubiquitous Flash game flOw has just become available for download on the Japanese PlayStation Store. The 98MB download is available for Â¥800 (US$ 7.66) and includes ad hoc online play for up to four people.

In other Japan PlayStation Store news, PSP owners are also getting a new custom theme for their handhelds. This one features a cat’s face along with some yellow and orange polka dot icons. Could be a character from a game or anime, but I’m personally not too sure.

Anyway, you can check out more information about flOw and the new PSP theme by hitting the via link below.

Via PlayStation Store Japan

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