Flying Lab Software reopens User Content Submissions for PotBS

Logo of Flying Lab Software's Pirates of the Burning Sea - Image 1Pirates who are handy with pen and parchment might be interested to know that Flying Lab Software is once again accepting flag and sail designs for Pirates of the Burning Sea’s in-game Ship Customization Shop. Accepted designs will have the prestigious honor of having other gamers fly customized sails and flags bearing your distinctive mark.

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Screenshot of Flying Lab Software's Pirates of the Burning Sea - Image 1Hopeful pirates with an artistic flare will be happy to know that Flying Lab Software has reopened its User Content Submissions section to the public once again for Pirates of the Burning Seas. So if you want to see your ship flying its own customized flag, you can drop by the official website’s submission page and contribute a design or two.

User Content Specialist Marion van Ghent from the PotBS forums mentioned that any designs which have been approved will be available through the local Ship Customization Shop.

Approval of designs is mostly weighed by the number of user votes posted on the forum. After which, the devs will consider the design for approval. Marion says that players can hopefully expect the design to go live any time from a week of its submission.

So what are you buccaneers waiting for? Go ahead and scrawl your favorite design on a piece of parchment and see if it’s worthy of the pirate gods’ attention.

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