Foot Pong v0.3 – added more players, new field, and difficulty mode

Sony PlayStation Portable handheld - Image 1French homebrew dev team La SALEX TEAM recently rolled out the latest version of their rather flavorful rendition of the classic game, Pong, on the PlayStation Portable. Entitled “Foot Pong”, this soccer-themed Pong game now includes more variety by allowing players to choose from several familiar faces from the European football roster. More details on Foot Pong v0.3 can be found in our full article.

Download: Foot Pong v0.3

Screenshot of Foot Pong PSP homebrew game - Image 1 Screenshot of Foot Pong PSP homebrew game - Image 2 

Neither football nor Pong, dev team La TEAM SALEX fused together the best of both world with their latest PlayStation Portable homebrew game, Foot Pong. Ringing up the tally with the third version of the game, the new build includes several interesting additions that spice up this rather flavorful rendition of the classic game.

Foot Pong v0.3 now gives players more variety by allowing them to choose from four popular European football stars and two different fields. A new difficulty mode was also added to pick up the pace of this soccer-themed Pong game for the PSP.

Here’s the complete changelog of the previous releases of Foot Pong:


  • Choice between four player (Benzema, Gerrard, Ribery and C. Ronaldo)
  • Added a field
  • Added difficult and medium modes
  • Added “Press START” on menu


  • Music: UEFA and entrance of the OM
  • New graphics
  • Choice Stage
  • Two stage
  • Gerrard replaces Malouda

The devs explained that users might encounter a couple of bugs when running the current build of Foot Pong. When playing in multiplayer mode, the game has a tendency to freeze the arrow animation after choosing a field. Hopefully, this issue will be resolved by the time the next version comes out.

This Lua-based game was designed to run on handhelds installed with custom firmware 3.xx. For details on how to run it on your PSP, you can visit the source link we’ve provided below for complete instructions on how to install it.

Download: Foot Pong v0.3

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