Football Manager Handheld 2008 goes gold

Football Manager Handheld 2008 goes gold - Image 1Think you’ve got what it takes to handle your very own premier soccer team? We’ve just picked up word that Football Manager Handheld 2008 for the Sony PSP has now gone gold, and will be releasing at the end of this month.

The game will test your organizational skills for Europe’s favorite sport, with this latest release offering up several new features, such as reserve squads. More information about Football Manager Handheld 2008‘s upcoming release is available in the full article. 

Football Manager Handheld 2008 goes gold - Image 1Sega Europe and Sports Interactive branch are sending out word that Football Manager 2008 Handheld for the PSP has now gone gold. This latest in the Football Manager Handheld series of games will provide gamers with a chance to train, organize, and compete with their very own Soccer team.

Football Manager 2008 will carry several new features come its release, such as a new skin, customisable tactics, and enhanced player interaction. There will also be the addition of reserve squads, which effectively doubles the number of players you can work with. Previously scheduled for a Christmas release, Football Manager handheld 2008 has been re-scheduled for an earlier Europe launch this November 30.

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