Free Radical: Haze demo to feature first mission

Haze - Image 1More news is coming in for Ubisoft and Free Radical Designs’ prospect Haze. In a short inquiry, the devs confirmed which part of the game will be available for play on the demo which will coincide with SCEE‘s PlayStation Day event. All we can say right now is that Haze will give you a big welcome to the jungle. Find out why in the fill article up next.

Free Radical logo - Image 1 

We’ve been hearing a lot about the upcoming demo if Free Radical Designs’ shooter Haze. We know we’ll be seeing it come SCEE‘s PlayStation Day, and now we know what will be in it.

“It’s the first mission in the game,” says Haze head designer Derek Littlewood as he describes the setting of the demo. According to Littlewood, players will take on the role of Shane Carpenter as a Mantel trooper as he’s scrambled into a jungle battlezone to secure the site of a crashed Mantel plane carrying a shipment of nectar.

Sounds like this one will be fun. Nothing like a lush forest and carnage to set the theme on what looks like a very promising release. Haze goes out for the PS3 on the 23rd of  May.

Via Videogaming 247

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