Free Radical says Haze delay is the best possible thing

Free Radical's Haze for the Sony PS3 - Image 1Free Radical Designs, the team behind upcoming Sony PlayStation 3 shooter Haze, has posted the thirteenth weekly entry on its blog. The developers acknowledged that they’ve disappointed some fans who want Haze released as soon as possible, but they say it’s for the best interest of the game and the consumers. Find out why in the full article.

Haze - Image 1

We already know that Haze by Free Radical Designs is getting delayed probably well into March, but the game developers seem to have no regrets about this temporal setback. In fact, they said in the thirteenth week edition of their official blog that the delay is “the best possible thing for the game.”

The devs insist that the delay only means that the team working on Haze is leaving no stone unturned in terms of polishing the title. Free Radical knows that Sony PlayStation 3 owners have high hopes for their substance abuse-themed shooter, and they’d hate to disappoint.

“So in conclusion, rest easy – we’re still slugging away on this badboy,” wrote Free Radical to finish off the post. In addition to that explanation for Haze‘s delay, they also revealed that the storyline for TimeSplitters 4 is being deliberated at the moment. Here’s hoping that the new plot outshines all the brilliant ones that preceded it.

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