Free Radical’s Creative Lead on Haze’s gameplay, no obvious loading times

Free Radical Haze PlayStation 3 - Image 1When it comes to video games, nothing beats information from the developers themselves. Free Radical Design’s Creative Lead Derek Littlewood recently let loose a couple of interesting factoids about Haze  such as some gameplay details, level structure, invisible loading times, and more. To find out what he had to say, head on over to the full article by clicking on the “read more” link below.

Derek Littlewood Free Radical - Image 1Free Radical Design’s Creative Lead Derek Littlewood was recently interviewed regarding upcoming release Haze. Quite a number of details about this video game were revealed including some gameplay information such as level structure, in-game saving, and loading times.

According to Littlewood, Haze will mostly be linear though later levels will give players opportunities to follow other paths to their objectives. He then stressed that this title is “certainly not a free-roaming game.”

The Creative Lead also discussed saving in Haze. He stated that the game will be using a series of checkpoints to save a players progress and that the launch delay has allowed them to polish this very important feature:

Funnily enough, checkpoints are another thing that the delay has enabled us to polish – play-test reports indicated that a few sections of the game would benefit from moving or adding checkpoints to make the game fairer so we did so (we all know how annoying it is to encounter badly-placed checkpoints in a game!).

Lastly, Littlewood took some time to discuss loading times in the game. While he mentioned that loading technically occurs continuously in Haze, players won’t be aware of it. He indicated that the game won’t have awkward pauses and level loading will be masked by various cutscenes.

There were more details discussed about the game in the full interview. If you want to read the whole thing yourself, follow our Source Link below.

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