Front SD ELF Loader v0.2a

Wii - Image 1Looking to see just what all the hubbub of Nintendo Wii homebrew is all about? Then here’s something to start you all off: the Front SD ELF Loader application by homebrew developer svpe, and from what we’ve seen, it’s definitely shaping up to be the handy homebrew to load ELF files. Check out the full article for all the details.

Download: Front SD ELF Loader v0.2a

Wii - Image 1

For those of us looking to try our hand in the newly-blossoming world of Wii homebrew, then here’s something to help you along: the Front SD ELF Loader by homebrew developer svpe, a neat little program that’s pretty much a homebrew file loader with a menu. Let’s check out and see what’s new with this updated, improved version and what it means to the scene in general.

Here’s the changelog:


  • Wiimote shutdown code from this wiki added


  • Video mode detection (should work on PAL TVs now)
  • Faster ELF loading due to removed debug printfs

Well, there you have it. The Wiimote shutdown code has been added to the latest build, as well as improved video mode detection and faster ELF loading. And as for the usage and other details, here’s a quote from the readme file bundled in the archive:

Create an elf directory on your SD card and put all your ELF files in there. You can load the main file with a trucha disc or the twilight hack. The miniloader is just a quick hack to make this work with trucha discs because the apploader I used didn’t seem to support a non-standard entry point.

Just type make to compile (Hint: a precompiled binary is included.)

As always, please be sure to read up on the execution of Wii homebrew before trying it out, as doing it wrong could potentially render your console into a brick. Updates as we  get them, and enjoy!

Download: Front SD ELF Loader v0.2a

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