Game basher gets bashed – Digi-Guys take legal action against forum slanderer

One BIG Troll - Image 1PS3 forums got incessantly ugly when a guy posted that the PS3-exclusive WarDevil: Unleash the Beast Within was vaporware, even adding that the project managers are rotten, and so on. The forum slanderer, LeeArcher (his forum username),  who happens to be a former employee, has then been banned from the forums, his posts deleted, and Digi-Guys have “initiated legal proceedings.”

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The PS3 Forums got a little ruffled when forum poster LeeArcher, began attacking the PS3-exclusive title, WarDevil: Unleash the Beast Within, saying that it’s vaporware, even adding that the project managers are rotten to the core. Posing as a bummed-out investor, LeeArcher’s allegations got a little heavy, and now Digi-Guys Studios was forced to take legal action against the slanderer, who turns out to be an ex-employee.

Forum Guru NoUseMercenary posts this statement:

Digi-Guys have stated that they have initiated legal proceedings against their ex-employee, who has been posting on this forum under the username of LeeArcher. Whilst this matter is being handled via legal channels Digi-Guys cannot directly address, discuss or engage in any matters relating to this subject. Digi-Guys have stated that they understand that this will be frustrating to the real fans of WarDevil out there but at this time are unable to comment further.

The worst part of this is, we won’t get any updates on the matter since the Digi-Guys aren’t allowed to post anything on the subject until the matter is resolved. Although LeeArcher’s posts were removed from the forum, others still remain. As for the game, NoUseMercenary assures everyone that “there should be no worries” about the title’s progress.

That’s some serious bashing he did to actually merit getting sued. Little is known so far about WarDevil, but it seems the slandering got way out of hand. I guess we’ll hear what happens to LeeArcher after the case is done.

Last we heard about WarDevil:

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