Game Melody Oratorio Volume Two – now with more tunes

DS Lite - Image 1Looking for a homebrew game for your Nintendo DS that teaches as well as entertains? Then get ready to impress your friends at any party (provided there’s a piano in there somewhere) after you’ve given homebrew developer DesertDog’s Game Melody Oratorio for the Nintendo DS a spin. Check out what’s new in the second  volume of this award-winning rhythm game.

Download: Game Melody Oratorio Volume Two

 Game Melody Oratorio - Image 1 Game Melody Oratorio - Image 2 

Here’s a homebrew game that’s definitely a cut above the rest: homebrew developer DesertDog’s Game Melody Oratorio for the Nintendo DS, a game that teaches you how to play game melodies via a virtual piano.

Yes, that means it’s just not a rhythm game. Game Melody Oratorio actually teaches you how to play, which is all kinds of awesome. This is then compounded by the fact that the tunes themselves are filled with some of the more memorable ones from the past generations.

So, what’s new with Game Melody Oratorio? Here’s the changelog:

  • Ten new melodies: Outrun (Sega), Duck Tales (Capcom), Dr. Mario (Nintendo), Super Castlevania VI (Konami), Streets of Rage 2 (Sega), Double Dragon (Technos), Metal Gear Solid (Konami), Final Fantasy VII (Square), Leisure Suit Larry (Sierra On-Line) and Halo (Microsoft).
  • A extra key on the piano (C3)
  • New Practice stage (Stage 4 – hidden notes)
  • New game mode (Recital Challenge)
  • Preview the melody on the Melody Select screen
  • Improved flash cart support

Educational entertainment at its most awesome – we’re certainly not surprised that this particular homebrew game won in the Nintendo DS Homebrew Games category in the NeoFlash Spring Coding Competition. Updates as we get them, and kudos to DesertDog for this very excellent homebrew.

Download: Game Melody Oratorio Volume Two

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