Gamer buys an empty GH3 bundle at EB Games

gamers jaw dropped at his newly purchased, yet non existent Guitar Hero 3 bundle - Image 1 After his purchase was made at an EB Games store, a gamer is outraged to find out that his Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock bundle was empty! What’s worse, EB Games employee’s hands were tied concerning the issue due to certain EB Games return policy.

Want to know more about this poor gamer’s fate? Read on.

surprise! - Image 1It’s a sad, sad, sad day indeed for Activision‘s Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock (Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii, PC). Recent articles revealed an incident were an encounter occurred when an EB Games employee was faced with a complaint from an angered customer: a newly purchased bundle of Guitar Hero III was found to be empty.

The day after purchasing the empty bundle, the customer promptly returned the following day to get things straightened out at the store. The EB Games employee sadly informed the unlucky gamer that nothing could be done about the mishap due to a certain EB Games policy concerning game returns. Left with no other options, the poor, angry  gamer left the store with nothing.

After the incident, both the EB Games employee and the store manager chose to check out the other GH3 bundles they had in stock to see of this was only a mere isolated case. To their dismay, their investigation led to the discovery that all their Guitar Hero III bundles they had in stock were, in fact, empty!

Lax security or a mere shipment mishap? We leave this up to the gamers to decide. Our only advise for now is to check out your purchases first before heading home.

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