Games Festa: Konami polls Japanese gamers if they want to get a PS3

Liquid Ocelot - Image 1In the ongoing Games Festa in Japan, Konami polls non-PS3 owning gamers if they will be buying a PS3 unit in the future or not. Interesting query. We wonder if this could have any connection to the possibility of the Metal Gear Solid franchise going multiplatform. Read on to find out how we came to this theory.

Konami Games Festa Questionnaire - Image 1In Japan, it’s common for manufacturers to include questionnaires into every product they ship out, such as game consoles, software, toys, and other stuff. It’s their way of gauging customer interest, and the results go miles in assisting the company to improve their products according to customer feedback.

In this year’s Games Festa in Japan, this same practice is applied, where Konami‘s booth handed out questionnaires to be filled out in exchange for Metal Gear books.

Kotaku managed to snag one of these questionnaires and was interested in one of the multiple choice questions, which goes like this when translated in English:

This is a question for those who do not own the PLAYSTATION 3. Do you have plans to purchase it? Why is that?
1). I will purchase it (Reason:
2). I won’t purchase it (Reason:
3). Undecided (Reason:

It’s a pretty interesting question. While it’s true that surveys like these are only used to test the market waters, it does influence major decisions to some extent. For example, what if majority of the respondents answered that they won’t purchase a PS3? It may possibly lead to the Metal Gear Solid franchise going multiplatform. Ah, fans will be happy.

Picture courtesy of Kotaku.

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