GameTribe, Softstar bring pets to Dream of Mirror Online

The Dream of Mirror Online logo - Image 1There seems to be a growing trend toward having pets in MMORPGs. It’s understandable, considering how useful the critters can be in combat and out of them. Hence, Softstar and GameTribe have implemented pets of their own for Dream of Mirror Online players. They even explained how you can adopt one for yourself, too. As always, the details are available after the jump.

A candidate for a pet in Dream of Mirror Online - Image 1Given the social nature of human beings, it’s only natural that they seek out the company of others – regardless of whether the others are human or not. That is the basic premise behind the newest feature that Softstar and GameTribe have introduced in Dream of Mirror Online: pets.

As is the case with animal companions in other MMORPGs, pets in Dream of Mirror Online actively assist their masters by engaging the enemy in combat. According to Softstar and GameTribe, players may have up to five pets at one time in order to best utilize their unique skills and characteristics.

Adopting a pet isn’t a hassle, either. All Dream of Mirror Online players have to do is to obtain a special token from the item shop, where various pet-related potions and items are sold . This same token may be used that the pet vending machine to obtain a random egg. With an Evolution Stone and enough TLC, the egg will eventually hatch into a pet.

Softstar and GameTribe will also be introducing other features to Dream of Mirror Online players come next patch, including Dreamstone powder for equipment restoration and Skill Springs for various in-game classes. Stay tuned for further updates on these new features as we get them!

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