GDC 08: Harmonix reveals that Phase was originally a PSP game

GDC 08 - Image 1Harmonix‘s iPod rhythm game called Phase has been getting a lot of coverage lately. Why wouldn’t it considering that it allows users to use music from their own personal collection. Well, did you know that this was originally designed for the PlayStation Portable? Check out the full article to find out more about this.

GDC 2008 - Image 1 

Late last year, we covered a quirky game from Harmonix called Phase. This rhythm game for the iPod has players timing their spins and button presses to music from their own personal collection. Interestingly enough, in a panel at the GDC 2008,  the developers of the game disclosed that this game was originally created for the PSP.

Harmonix’s senior designer Chris Foster revealed this little fact during his presentation. The first prototype shared some traits with the iPod release of the game including the ability for users to use their own music in the game. However, unlike the three button configuration used in the iPod, only the L and R buttons were used as input.

While its pretty obvious that the game didn’t make it to the PlayStation Portable, we can’t help but wonder if Harmonix still plans on releasing an updated version on the said handheld. We’ll just have to wait and see, won’t we? In the meantime, you’ll just have to make do with some pictures from the presentation.

GDC 2008 - Image 1 GDC 2008 - Image 2

Via Wired: GameLife

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