GDC ’08: New Postal 3 details revealed

Game Developers Conference 2008 - Image 1Among the good stuff at Game Developers Conference 2008, there was the bloody third-person shooter Postal 3 (Microsoft Xbox 360, PC) that is sure to showcase just how violent video games can be. New details pertaining to its development have surfaced, such as how it will be friendly to newbies and might see release next year. Hit that jump!

Postal 3 screenshot - Image 1Remember that literally bloody series on the PC where you get to run around an open-ended city to kill everyone in the most sadistic ways? It’s making another appearance, this time both on its original platform and the Microsoft Xbox 360 in third-person for more visceral action. Of course, if you’ve been following the highly controversial Postal, you’d already know about Postal 3. Fortunately, developer Running With Scissors (RWS) was able to reveal new details at the Game Developers Conference 2008.

Aside from the perspective different to its second installment, the Postal Dude will don new changes to cater to those who have no idea what the Postal Dude does. Reportedly, the protagonist can visit the employment agency off the bat to pick up jobs. Said errands offer a set of linear side missions that will teach players the know-how in Postal 3.

One mission showcased at GDC ’08 had Postal Dude “cleaning up” a porn shop. Of course, we can guess that it means he just had to kill everything that moved. As mentioned before, you can choose various ways to do your job – good, bad, or insane. Your choice can determine the path of your story, and several endings await at the end.

Running With Scissors is aiming for a 2009 release, hoping a publisher picks up Postal 3 which is powered by Half-Life 2‘s Source Engine. There’s still a long wait before it hits the Xbox 360 and PC, but we’re sure to keep you updated on new details that surface prior to release, so watch this space for updates!

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