GDC 2008: Echochrome’s five laws of perspective explained

GDC 2008: Echochrome's five laws of perspective explained - Image 1With its stark black and white graphics and block characters, it’s a given that Echochrome‘s (Sony PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable) emphasis is on warping gamers’ minds. So its a godsend when Sony decided to show English-language tutorial videos in this year’s GDC 08. Echochrome’s five laws of perspective detailed in the full article!

We’ve seen quite a few tutorial videos for the mind-warping puzzler by Sony Computer Entertainment Japan (SCEJ), Echochrome (PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable), but since they’re in Japanese we’re still having quite a hard time wrapping our heads around Echochrome‘s gameplay mechanics. But chew on your nails no longer, since an English-language tutorial video details the five laws of Echochrome:

  1. Perspective traveling: change the perspective, and connect the path.
  2. Perspective landing: the character will land on whatever appears to be below.
  3. Perspective existence: you may not be able to see it, but there is a path.
  4. Perspective absence: hide the obstruction, and it no longer exists.
  5. Perspective jump: where you want to jump is up to you.

Got it so far? Don’t worry, since the video below will clearly show you the five mysteries of Echochrome. Just click the play button for the video, concentrate, and enjoy!

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