Gears of War for Windows patch now live

Gears of War PC - Image 1Your copy of Gears of War for Windows on the fritz? Worry not, as Microsoft‘s got your back with a quick patch to get you back into top chainsaw-murderer form.

Downloadable either through the game’s official website or through Games for Windows Live, this patch fixes various performance issues as well as the notorious Live patch. Check out the full article for the entire scoop.

Gears of War PC - Image 1 

Issues with the PC version of Epic GamesGears of War (Xbox 360, PC) bogging down the next-gen third person shooter experience? Microsoft‘s got your back, good buddy, as the company has recently rolled out a patch that “fixes various performance issues, including the Game for Windows Live update issue.”

Players looking to continue the issue-free fight will be able to acquire the patch by signing into Games for Windows Live through Gears of War Windows, as well as through the official Gears of War site (just follow our via link to go directly to the patch download page).

While it’s certainly glad that Microsoft was prompt with the response, we can’t help but feel that so many high-profile games are getting the green light to mass production with these sort of issues intact. Here’s hoping that this isn’t a sign of a trend.

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