Gecko Region Free v1

Wii - Image 1Ever wanted to play that import title before the localized version made its way into your region’s video game retail outlets? Then USB Gecko creator Nuke has just the app for you, and it’s absolutely free. Presenting the first version of Gecko Region Free, Nuke’s own application that lets you play games outside of your region. Awesome? Very! All the details you want in the full article.

Download: Gecko Region Free v1

Wii - Image 1

Importing on the Nintendo Wii can be a dodgy business, since you do risk bricking the console if it updates for a region that’s incompatible with yours. But that may now be a thing of the past, because USB Gecko creator Nuke has just released the very first version of Gecko Region Free, a stand-alone ELF file that lets you boot import games on the Nintendo Wii. A free alternative to Datel’s Freeloader? Yes, please!

Don’t let the name fool you, though. You do not need a USB Gecko to run this particular homebrew file – so hassle-free import title gaming is merely a download, a copy-paste and a click away. Here’s a quote from the release post:

If you own a USB Gecko it will install a remote debugger and screenshot engine into memory and will hook. This means you can load Gecko Tool version included and grab screen shots and use the remote debugger in any Wii game. This is all done on the fly and silently, and has no effect on none USB Gecko users.

However, once again, we do want to remind you that a well-informed homebrew enthusiast is a well-informed homebrew enthusiast with an un-bricked Wii, so be sure to read up on execution and installation before doing anything. Enjoy!

Download: Gecko Region Free v1

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