Get fit with Wii Fit: Miyamoto on the health gaming phenomenon

Shigeru Miyamoto, Nintendo's Gamers in the UK have recently been bitten by the same health bug that’s been “plaguing” Japan over the past five months. With Wii Fit‘s debut in London a few days ago, Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto talked about the game’s phenomenon and gave some insights into the future of the best-selling health conscious title. You can read more about what Miyamoto had to say in our full article.

Shigeru Miyamoto introduces Nintendo's Wii Fit - Image 1For the past five months, people in Japan have been bitten by the fitness bug induced by Nintendo’s Wii Fit. The best-selling health conscious title recently debuted in London and was predicted to have the same monumental sales as its Asian counterpart.

Shigeru Miyamoto talked about the Wii Fit phenomenon in an exclusive article from The Sunday Times and explained the track Nintendo took in introducing this most unconventional “game” to Wii owners everywhere. His message was simple: “I want to show that computer games can be good for you, can enrich your life.”

While Sony and Microsoft were slugging it out in a battle for the best processor and visuals, Nintendo concentrated on the more practical side of gaming. Miyamoto claimed that enjoyable interactive games like Wii Fit were made to lure “people who never imagined they would buy a computer game”.

Analysts in the UK were already predicting that Wii Fit will be this year’s best-selling game. With Britain considered the strongest market for Wii outside Japan, the numbers to this newly released title should eventually tell if it will have the same success as it did in Japan.

Miyamoto already laid out plans on the next step of the Wii work-out program. He explained that health nuts will soon be able to go online and compete against other Wii Fit gamers, comparing themselves against millions of others in their shared exercise activities.

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