Get ready for the next battle – Tekken 6 coming to Europe, Autumn 2009

Tekken 6 - Image 1Owned at the arcades yet? Soon you get to test your skills on the consoles! Catch familiar faces as well as new ones as the King of Iron Fist Tournament is back in Tekken 6 (PS3, Xbox 360). Now brush up on your juggles and sidesteps ’cause Jin, his insane family, and the rest of the crew are coming to Europe.

Tekken 6 - Image 1

After 14 years of intense fighting game action, Namco (now Namco Bandai) brings us the sixth title under its illustrious Tekken series. Featuring characters old and new alike, Tekken 6 (PS3, Xbox 360) will have the largest roster ever seen in a Tekken game.

The patricidal Mishimas will be there, with the exception of Jinpachi, of course. Jin’s there too, still looking to fight it out with Hwoarang. Nina seems to have gone easy on the cryo, so she’s there, finally showing small signs of age. But she still doesn’t look a day older than her son, Steve.

Tekken 6 is coming to the PS3s and Xbox 360s in Europe in the Autumn of 2009. For players like me who are more Tekken proficient with the PS control pad than the arcade joystick, this is a welcome release. Since it’s going to have online features, that solves the people-to-fight problem. I’ll be brushing up on my juggles until then.

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