Grand Theft Auto 4 producer: Game took around US$ 100 million to make

Grand Theft Auto 4 - Image 1Anticipation has reached fever pitch as everyone believes Grand Theft Auto 4 (Microsoft Xbox 360, Sony PlayStation 3) will raise the bar once again, but it seems Rockstar North is shooting for more than one impressive achievement. If GTA 4 producer Leslie Benzies’s estimate was on the money, the upcoming game would have to be the most expensive to make. Find details at the full article.

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We already expect Rockstar North to hit it big with Grand Theft Auto 4 (Microsoft Xbox 360, Sony PlayStation 3), but it’s not a well known fact how much money it cost developing the behemoth of open-world games across three and a half years. Interesting enough, GTA 4 could very well be the most expensive video game to make in history.

Leslie Benzies, Rockstar North president and producer of Grand Theft Auto 4, reportedly made a wild guess saying it took around US$ 100 million to build the next-gen Liberty City. “It’s like making a theatre production, a few movies and an album all to fit into one package,” he said.

Some 1,000 people were allegedly involved in Grand Theft Auto 4‘s production, with 220 settled in Rockstar North’s Scotland HQ. It didn’t take less than 100,000 photographs of New York just to capture the rain’s intensity, a thousand pages of script served as the game’s backbone, and countless 12-hour days at work were spent by key members.

If it is true that U$ 100 million were spent, Rockstar could safely nudge Silicon KnightsToo Human and Sega‘s Shenmue off stage since both are known to have fallen a few million short of a hundred. Whether or not GTA 4 sets records, Rockstar can still live off the US$ 50 million Microsoft paid for exclusive DLC and the piles of money its upcoming surefire hit will generate.

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