Halo 3, World of Warcraft win awards from Visual Effects Society

Bungie's Halo 3 wins two awards from the VES - Image 1Here’s some great news for fans of Halo 3 and World of Warcraft. We’ve just found out that the two games have received awards at the 6th Annual Visual Effects Society Awards.

Interested in knowing what they won? Find out after the jump!

The 6th Annual VES Awards - Image 1Bungie StudiosHalo 3 and Blizzard‘s World of Warcraft came out as two of the big winners in the recently held 6th Annual Visual Effects Society Awards. The two showed off some visual prowess not only within the game, but also outside it, in the form of One of Halo 3′s advertisements.

Halo 3‘s Marcus Lehto, Jonty Barnes, Stephen Scott, and CJ Cowan took home an award for Outstanding Real Time Visuals in a Video Game. The Halo 3 “Believe” ad campaign, headed by Matthew Gratzner, Alan Scott, Seth Curlin, and Greg Boettcher also won an award for Outstanding Use of Models or Miniatures in a Broadcast Program or Commercial.

On the World of Warcraft side of things, Jeff Chamberlain and Scott Abeyta both took home an award for Outstanding Pre-rendered Visuals in a Video Game.

It’s certainly some good news for both games, and adds to the accolades that have already been given for both. If you want to see the full list of winners, feel free to check out the source link below and click on the related link for the VES Awards winners under “VES News.” It should lead you to a PDF file containing the full list.

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