Harmonix playing with the idea of user-created songs for Rock Band

Logo of Harmonix's Rock Band for PS3, Xbox 360 - Image 1If you’ve been rocking out to Harmonix‘s Rock Band (Xbox 360, PlayStation 3), here’s an interesting idea that may help extend those dreams of rock and roll stardom for budding artists everywhere. Greg LoPiccolo, Harmonix’s VP of Product Development, introduced the idea of user-created content to be available for the game sometime in the future. Check out our full article for more details.

Greg Lopiccolo, Harmonix Vice President of Product Development - Image 1So what’s next for Harmonix‘s rocking new rhythm title aside from the occasional new song? Vice President of Product Development Greg LoPiccolo assumed that the next step for Rock Band (Xbox 360, PlayStation 3) would be the introduction of user-created music for players to really get into the spirit of the game.

It definitely sounds like an interesting take on how to make Rock Band stand out as an innovative rhythm title. LoPiccolo mentioned that it was a “natural direction for the franchise to move” and that it would be a great way for musically inclined gamers to express themselves even further.

However, the idea isn’t without its own set of difficulties. Problems such as IP and ratings issues are bound to pop up somewhere, but he’s quite hopeful of the possibility of it happening sometime in the future.

He was even considering requests of adding a new peripheral to the Rock Band instrument scheme, specifically a keyboard. LoPiccolo was very open to the idea, saying that should there be enough songs which could warrant the addition of a keyboard instrument then they’ll be right on it.

However, all of these ideas are still up in the air as Harmonix still seems to have their hands full on other projects. For now, we’ll just have to wait and see if our indie band songs will get a chance to make it onto the virtual stage. Keep coming back to this space as we look out for more updates on the game.

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