Hellgate London Patch 1.3 arriving today

Hellgate London Patch 1.3 coming tomorrow - Image 1We’ve got great news to Hellgate: London players! We’ve got information that the latest Patch build, 1.3, is all set to be released. When exactly? It’s going to be later today. In a matter of hours, you guys can upgrade your game clients with new changes and fixes. Find out the details in the full article.

Hellgate London Patch 1.3 coming tomorrow - Image 1Today’s going to be a great day for those who are playing Flagship Studios‘ MMORPG, Hellgate: London! The coming of Patch 1.3 has been announced and it will be released in a matter of hours.

Now that’s something that could make you guys out there jump for joy. The things included in the latest version of the patch are a Shared Stash system, a Premium Item Merchant, optional chat bubbles, and a number of emotes you can perform.

Aside from the things mentioned above, you guys can enjoy new things like the ability to hide your helmet and inspect other characters’ equipment, a Donation Collector NPC who grants global buffs, and a new set of passive skills called Expertise have been introduced which can gained by earning Ranks.

According to news update on the Hellgate: London website, “the live servers will be updated around noon tomorrow (that’s today), barring any unforeseen difficulties,” with information on downtimes to be posted on the Server Status page and forums prior to the update. In any event, expect us to post the final patch notes for patch 1.3 as soon as it becomes available.

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