Here comes a new challenger: Abel joins Street Fighter 4 roster

Ken and Ryu featured in Capcom's Street Fighter series - Image 1Just as Capcom promised, a new character has recently been introduced into the Street Fighter 4 lineup. Abel, an amnesiac warrior, joins the roster in the upcoming sequel to one of the most popular fighting game series released. You can take a look at some of the screenshots featuring Abel in action in the full article.

Abel, a new character in Capcom's Street Fighter 4 - Image 1It seems that a new challenger has stepped into the ring in Capcom‘s upcoming Street Fighter 4 title: Enter Abel, the mysterious fighter without a past. Abel rounds out the number of playable characters in the upcoming fighting game to 10 so far, but we hardly believe that he will be the last.

Taking a look at the screenshots revealing some of his action-packed moves, it leaves us to wonder what kind of fighting style this big, burly warrior possesses. On an interesting note, the final screenshot does show him performing a Shotokan-style kick similar to Sean’s in Street Fighter 3.

It was also mentioned on the Famitsu website that Street Fighter 4 will get its first gameplay preview in the upcoming Amusement Expo AOU2008 in Japan, which starts this February 15.

Anyway, we’ll leave everyone to wonder about Abel with some of the new screenshots of him in action below. Enjoy!

Screenshot of Abel in Capcom's Street Fighter 4 - Image 1 Screenshot of Abel in Capcom's Street Fighter 4 - Image 2 Screenshot of Abel in Capcom's Street Fighter 4 - Image 3

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