Homebrew – Blackjack DS v0.5

Blackjack DS v0.5 - Image 1If you’re into card games, and you’d like to play some of it in your handheld, then you’ve come to the right place today. Scott McClymont has just released his Blackjack DS v0.5, and as you know, this game, though simple, can actually be loads of fun. To check it out, read on after the jump.

Download: Blackjack DS v0.5

Blacjack DS v0.5 - Image 1 Blacjack DS v0.5 - Image 2 

From Scott McClymont comes Blackjack DS v0.5. This is a simple card game that has become famous and entertaining enough to be played in casinos. The premise of the game is to
“score as close to 21 as possible and alter some of the other common rules such as doubling and splitting, or introduce new rules altogether.”

For this homebrew version, the author has included as much information as possible about the state of the game at any given time. So players now will find it easy to check out their win/loss stats, success of certain decisions, and more.

Without further ado, enjoy the download of Blackjack DS v0.5.

Download: Blackjack DS v0.5

Via Scott McClymont

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