Homebrew: Cleveland Rapid Transit Map

Homebrew: Cleveland Rapid Transit Map - Image 1Developer qw3rky has recently released a homebrew map detailing the routes used on Cleveland‘s rapid transit system. We imagine the DS owners in that area will want to give this app a look. Details are available in the full article.

Download:Cleveland Rapid Transit Map

Homebrew - Cleveland Rapid Transit Map - Image 1If for whatever reason you happen to be travelling in the city of Cleveland, you may want to take a look at this homebrew created by developer qw3rky. It’s a handy little map of the city’s rapid transit system, which includes details on their routes and timetables.

qw3rky originally developed this homebrew as a personal navigation guide while staying as an intern in the said city. The public release in particular features cleaned up codes, and has been optimized to use Brunni‘s uLib library.

The map also features schedule listings for the train stops, so you’ll know when exactly the next train comes in. As for its controls:

  • d-pad scrolls map
  • stylus clicks on train stops and shows schedule, press any button to return to map view

A little too purpose-built? Perhaps, but it’s certainly going to be invaluable for those in the area. Further details on this homebrew are available over at qw3rky’s release thread via the source link.

Download:Cleveland Rapid Transit Map

Via gbadev.org

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